How to order

Integra Translation Office – efficient, professional, problem-free.

3 Steps to professional translation

1. Send an email to the address The message should contain the file with the text for translation, information about the language to translate into and any guidelines. You can also contact us over the phone and send the text by email, fax or courier.

2. We’ll quickly prepare for you an individual quote (price of the translation, proposed completion date, information concerning payments). Remember! One standard page is calculated as 1800 characters together with spaces according to Word 97. Translation prices are determined individually. The price depends on the language of the source and target texts (into Polish or from Polish), the amount of text, the subject matter (the degree and type of specialization), the client’s proposed deadline.

3. Payment is made after the work is performed. The text is sent together with a VAT invoice to the previously supplied email address or by courier upon request.

We look forward to cooperating with you!