We offer the highest quality written translation in several dozen languages. Our translators specialize in several industries, therefore the scope of our activity is unrestricted and we can guarantee our clients flawless cooperation. Our offer includes:

  • Technical translations (manuals, technical files, descriptions, designs, catalogs, manuals, standards, diagrams, etc.)

In the world of technology, the smallest details matter. That is why leading companies for years have trusted us. For them, accurate translations of specialized documents are the basis for international transactions, personnel training or technical support.

  • Legal translations (trade and legal agreements, powers of attorney, notarial deeds, court decisions, legal opinions, judgments, statutes, acts, resolutions, ordinances, etc.)

The consequences of an imprecise translation of a legal document can be very costly.  Sometimes one inaccurately translated word can cause a landslide of unpleasantness. It is not worth taking the risk – it is better to ask professionals who will not fail.

  • Medical translations (scientific articles, medical certificates, brochures, descriptions of clinical cases, information about the course of the disease and the results of treatment, specifications of medical products and medicines, etc.)

Matters of life and health always are extremely delicate. In addition to translation skills, knowledge of medical terminology is necessary in the field of medicine and health. Of course, we offer clients the greatest discretion is translating documentation on the course of the disease and the results of treatment.

  • Economic translations (balance sheets, reports, business plans, audits, financial statements, corporate and public finance, credit agreements, purchase and sale agreements, insurance, securities, etc.)

Translation in the financial sector and economy require great care, for the smallest error can mean financial losses. Our many years of experience in translating economic spheres allows us to efficiently cooperate with even the most demanding clients.

  • Marketing translations (all kinds of advertising, leaflets, brochures, posters, company catalogs, advertising advertisements and press releases, surveys, market research, etc.)

Marketing translations require a unique linguistic sense and knowledge of the topic. After all, there are cases when a badly translated slogan or an element of advertising text has made serious damage to a company’s image. Our translators can handle the biggest marketing challenges.

  • General translations (business correspondence, commercial offers, company profiles, commercial and advertising strategies, etc.)

Basic language support for your business.

  • Multilingual websites
  • Software locatio

Adaptation of the product to the needs of the local market by translating the messages and software documentation to the given language/dialect and adapt it to the conventions in force in the relevant language/dialect.

  • Soundtracks
  • Other specialist texts